Monday, July 9, 2012


It's quite possible that this blog needs a new tagline. Experiment in sustainability?! The what you say?!

While sustainability is still our goal. It's definitely a longer term goal than we realized. What can I say...we've learned a LOT!

After the whole killing of the expensive heirloom seed fiasco we still managed to plant a late garden. However, this summer has been hot and dry. Colorado is burning up, literally. We've barely managed to keep a garden alive. With our short growing season it will be interesting if we wind up with much of a harvest.

I did manage some yummy lettuce and spinach in the greenhouse before it got too hot in there for them.

The chickens and goats have pretty much ate up the yard (and even with watering it, it's pretty much burned up anyway). We've put most of the chickens back in the main pen and are having to feed them all way more than just the supplementing we were hoping for. Which means it's costing way more. Which means I've had to focus more on my fitness blog...because it's the one that helps pay the bills.

Darran is in the process of building the goats a pen on the land in the back. With the creek being back there it's still green and there's much more for them to eat. If I have my way there'll be some chickens snuck back there too. Oops, look at that, now how'd they get back there? There's a lot more bugs for them to eat there! (That's what we're struggling with, them getting enough protein. Especially since we don't feed them soy).
Ellie and Fiona munching where their new pen will be.
We have gotten some rain the past two days, so I have hope it will not all be a wash! Oh yes, and there will be tomatoes! Lots and lots of tomatoes. The greenhouse is full of gigantic tomato plants that are growing like mad and we have a row of them along the north fence. All of which we've managed to water enough to keep going. (You don't want to see my water bill!)

We also have some strawberry plants and two blueberry bushes doing well.
Yay strawberries! Do you see that bone dry ground around them?!
With things not going as planned I've focused more on making sure my fitness blog is doing well, and it is. Thankfully! If we can't grow our food we have to make the money to buy it (crazy how that works). Darran has kept pretty busy with side jobs. Mostly mechanic work (my husband can fix anything). So financially, miraculously, we are doing well. Heck, if we can pay the bills I'm happy.

Sustainability? No. Growing most of our own food? No. Having a blast living our priorities and spending time together as a family? YES!

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