Wednesday, May 23, 2012

More New Additions!

Just wanted to jump on here for a quick update. I've been terrible about updates lately!

I've said before that we have cows. They don't live at 4 Acres Farm though...there's not enough room! My parents have 120 acres. Our cows live there.

We calve later than most people around here. Most calve in February (likely in a snow storm). Recently we've had some new additions! Baby calves really are adorable.

This one is about a week old now
This was taken yesterday when this one was about an hour old
This one is a little over a week old.
I will try to get video soon! Baby calves are so fun to watch play. I'll also update about the goats. They are feisty little things..their favorite meal? My pink rose bush. ;) 

Life is good.

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