Monday, July 30, 2012

A First Harvest?

How about another edition of "What I've Managed Not to Kill So Far!"? OK, OK, since the mass execution of the heirloom seeds I haven't really killed...much. But because of it we got the garden started much later than we'd hoped (we're talking the first and second week of June) and started most everything from seeds instead of seedlings. Best laid plans I guess...

With our short growing season (at just above 7,000 feet it's really more like 3 seconds) it's a toss up as to whether we'll wind up with much of a harvest this's hoping for a late frost? Indian summer?

This summer has also been exceptionally hot and dry. We've watered the best we can, but we can't afford to just turn the hose on (we tried in June and our bill was $70 higher!). Mostly we have been hauling water in buckets from the creek. Talk about a workout! 

Between the late planting and the hot/dry weather I had almost completely given up hope, but the last week or two things are starting to come around. While not everything has exactly thrived this hot dry summer, we've done the best we could and I'm pleasantly surprised by what is doing well!

The corn is in a race against the frost...will it have time to mature before it turns cold???
Our first zucchini! Considering how zucchini generally goes gangbusters around here we should do well here.
There's about a half a row of beets doing well. Before we got the electric fence put up around the garden the deer munched their tops off, but they came back!
We planted several varieties of cucumber, but so far the only ones looking promising are these pickling cucumbers.
The strawberry patch is doing amazing (in spite of the vampire pumpkin plant trying to snuff it out). I just picked 4 to 6 of these thumb-sized strawberries from each plant!
Speaking of the monster pumpkin plant...the pumpkins on it are growing like crazy.
Just that one pumpkin plant already has 6 to 8  fair sized pumpkins on it!

The tomato plants along the north fence are putting on like crazy.
The tomatoes in the greenhouse however only have a few.  Any idea why they're not putting on more tomatoes?!
We're even still getting a few blueberries.
There are also lots of beans, peas, and lettuce I didn't take pictures of. 

It looks like the broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, carrots, onions, and a few other things are just plain not going to make it, but we may just pull this thing out and have a decent first harvest after all! 

Cross your fingers.

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