Monday, April 16, 2012

What I've Managed NOT To Kill So Far

The past few days have been home to a little doubt. All along I've tried to stay hopeful and positive, but around the edges a little bit of doubt has crept in. After killing about $50 worth of heirloom seeds I was beginning to doubt my abilities to grow anything! That and battling the crazy Colorado weather have made me question our sanity once or twice. Oh yes, and because of where we live not only is weather a problem, but also predators. We have all sorts of crazy wildlife that would love to have a chicken-snack. Bears? Check. Mountain lions? Check. Coyotes, bobcats, raccoon.... you get the idea. I've doubted our ability to keep the girls safe.

Growing most of our own food is a pretty big goal...and I feel I haven't done so hot so far! 

My lettuce is happily growing in the greenhouse even with the weather.
One little strawberry plant is hanging on...oh, did I not tell you of the killing of the strawberry plants? Well, um...
Spinach has braved it's little head in the greenhouse!
We're getting 21+ good, nutritious pastured chicken eggs a DAY right now! 
Maybe we won't starve!

I just have to give myself a little attitude check. I think that I'm so committed to growing/raising most of our own food that I just can't stand the thought of failing! It's all good. I truly believe we are right where we're meant to be, we just have a little learning to do yet! Everything won't happen over night. A little patience and perseverance, oh yes and a little faith...did I mention patience isn't my strong point? ;)

Oh well, I'm off to check the asparagus.

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