Thursday, October 3, 2013

Bloom Where You're Planted

Looong time no post.

I had thought I would be posting on a new blog by now. Our plan was to sell 4 Acres and be moved somewhere with more land by now.

That hasn't happened.

So, I shall bloom where I am planted...

Quick updates:

We had a baby girl in June and have enjoyed the heck out of life this spring and summer. 

Baby O's first goat walk.

The spring calves came.

The wild asparagus came.

Red and the gang enjoyed many a shenanigan in the Colorado sunshine.

Ellie and Fiona are quite grown up and ever finding new ways to escape Goatopia.

The girls with their winter coats. They were quite the shaggy things.
(couldn't find a spring/summer pic)

We didn't plant much because life was just too busy.
The strawberries and blueberries both came back this year though. Hooray! The strawberries did quite well. 

We did plant some spaghetti squash from seeds we saved from last year's heirloom spaghetti squash. But...


Apparently we have a lot to learn about seed saving. The seeds produced three different squash: one that looked normal, one that looked like it had made nooky with the yellow squash last year, and one that looked like it had made nooky with the zucchini last year. Huh.


But, we are eating them anyway and they're still good. We call them mutant squash. It freaks my 10 year old out that way.

And now, the leaves are turning and we have started our homeschool year. So, I guess it's another winter at 4 Acres...

Life is good. What can I say?

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