Sunday, December 30, 2012

It's Time

Darran and I have known for some time that we wanted to move to more land. But as recently as last year we didn't feel it was financially possible. So we decided to start right where we were and not postpone our plans, our lives, because we only had 4 acres.

I'm so thankful that we did. It's been an amazing year. We've learned so much. We've lived our priorities. It's opened our eyes.

As 2012 comes to a close we've realized it's time. It's time to go.

It's been a hard decision for us. This wonderful home is the only home we've lived in together. We've spent our entire 10 years of marriage here. 

Bigger than that: this house was built by Darran's great grandfather in 1918 and has only been owned by a member of the family since.

Bigger than that: I grew up in this town. My father grew up in this town. My grandfather grew up in this town. My great grandfather moved here to raise his family. Darran's family likewise. In fact, both sides of his family have been here since his great grandfather on the one side and great-great on the other. Our roots here are deep.

Bigger than all of that: we know deep in our hearts that we are meant to leave this place and begin writing our own story.

As I said in my last post we've found land that we want to buy. I have to admit it looks impossible from here, but we've never let that stop us before.

The bank will not lend us money on the land unless we have a contract on this house or 30% down. As we can afford both payments we had hoped that we could buy the new land and still keep this place until we built a house there. But, no go.

This spring we will be taking a huge leap of faith and putting this house up for sale without another house to move into if it sells. While I had hoped for the security of at least having the new land purchased before we did that, it is what it is.

I'm hoping with all that I am that this house sells quickly. I see such a wonderful future for my little family; I see it so clearly that it's hard to be patient. I want to go tomorrow!

Darran's a little uneasy about selling this house with only bare land to go to, but I told him that I don't care if I have to live in an army tent or a camper trailer on the new land while we build a house. He knows me well enough to know I'm just crazy enough to mean that.

Of course we have no guarantee that the land won't sell to someone else in the meantime. Our other option would be to come up with the 30% down payment. $48,000. Then we could still live here while building a house...hey, miracles happen.

So I wait and I plan and I hope. Because I know it's time.

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