Monday, March 26, 2012

Chicken and Greenhouse Update, Plus Seed Troubles

I haven't updated on the general progress of things around here in quite a while, and boy do I have a lot to talk about...

We built this outside yard for the chickens from various chain-link fence parts from fence Darran took out for someone, plus some chicken wire we found in a junk pile. 
In the video I said 32 chickens, um, duh it's 41. I figured it out by adding how many we ordered with how many we had before. Seriously, they're too hard to count...There'll be a couple in the henhouse, a couple in the scratching shed and the rest outside, just when you get the ones inside counted a few slip outside... 
The greenhouse is coming along nicely. It still looks pretty rough, but it should be functional soon. We've managed to make it entirely out of reclaimed materials, or materials we had already. Score.

Dancer says Hi.

The seeds are passing 2 weeks since I planted them...and...NOTHING. Beginning to get worried!
We're working on building several chicken tractors (aka mobile chicken pens) so that the chickens will be pastured for the summer. Again with reclaimed materials and things we already had. Every time I hear "chicken tractor" I imagine a chicken wildly driving off in a tractor. Don't you?
What I'm reading right now. (No matter what I do I can't get this pic right side up!)
Last week was our homeschool spring break. It was a good week. This is my 6 year old, 8 year old, and Koneko. 
Darran didn't do any outside work last week for spring break. He did however build a 10 x 14 deck on the back of the house. He used more of the reclaimed boards from the building he tore down for someone in Denver and some decking material he traded for.

Overall, life is good!

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