Thursday, August 4, 2011


Hubby and I had a long talk last weekend. We discussed our goals, our plans, our life. We discussed what we want for our family compared to where we are right now. The main thing that kept coming up, is if what we want is A, why keep doing things that take us towards B?

Case in point: if family and spending time together as a family is our number one priority, then why is hubby working 50+ hours a week (and 2 hours driving time each day) and never home? To get 'ahead' financially? What if we just learned to live on less? What if getting 'ahead' isn't even our goal? What if just having enough and spending time learning, loving, and growing as a family IS our priority? His entire life he just wanted to be a dad. When asked as a child what he wanted to be when he grew up his response was: a dad. Why then should he spend our kids younger years GONE all the time and miss everything? What if there was a better way? Better for us anyway.

We made some life-altering decisions. Consequently HUGE changes will be taking place for our little family. And I am excited. 

A ranch and a move to Montana is still in our long term goals. But it might just be a little longer, and that's OK. Good things are coming up for our little family. Our choices may not be popular, they may seem a little odd to our friends and family, and definitely are not for everyone. But for us, they are right.

More coming soon...

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  1. taking the family on the road? please!!! a visit to New Hampshire is a must!!! LOL