Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Appreciating the Dandelions in the Sidewalk

I have dandelions in my sidewalk. 

Am I willing to spray poison on them in order to achieve a pristine sidewalk crack? Not really.

Am I willing to take time out of my hectic wife/mommy/homeschooler/writer day to pull the weeds out of my sidewalk crack? Right or wrong, again, not really.

Am I going to let them drive me crazy? No. 

I'm going to allow them to make me smile...because they're beautiful.

Sometimes you just gotta appreciate the dandelions in the sidewalk. Sure, they're really not supposed to be there. But life's not perfect. Would it really be any fun if it was? 


  1. It always amazes me how life finds a way. It finds a way to overcome the sidewalk to find that very crack to get some sunshine.

  2. Me too. Pretty amazing really.